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508, 2019

Trends and Thoughts

August 5th, 2019|

As an auctioneer, you get to visit a lot of interesting places. I receive calls from individuals and businesses - so I pop right over to check out their goods. The singular common denominator is EVERYBODY has way too much stuff. Stuff in the house, stuffed drawers, stuffed attics, overflowing garages, full random suitcases. Did I mention everybody has too much stuff? And most of it is ill cared for. [...]

2406, 2019

How I Got Started

June 24th, 2019|

I started collecting when I was a kid - I would go to the local thrift stores and buy beautiful depression glass, and anything art deco. As a teenager I wore vintage 40s and 50s dresses along with rhinestone hair clips and ankle strap shoes (if only I had kept it all). Thus, my passion for style started as a young girl and endures. My love of the arts started [...]


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